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Fire hoses have been installed for many years in various types of buildings.

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have engineers who can install new hose reels, repair existing hose reels, maintain hose reels, and de-commission Hose Reels Hose Reels can be installed in various configurations:

Fixed Reel:
  • These units are fixed directly to the wall of a building; the hose is fed through a hose guide for ease of operation.
Swinging Reel:
  • The swinging reel is also fitted to the wall, however instead of having a hose guide the whole reel swings to whichever direction it is required making it easier to use in some situations.
Recessed reels:
  • These reels are fitted into a recess usually within a cabinet, these reels have the benefit of blending in with their environment, they are especially sulked for areas where aesthetics is a concern.
  • The Fixed and Swinging type come in Manual or Automatic operation, the Manual type means the operator must open an isolation valve prior to use, whereas the Automatic type has a valve fitted inside the reel which allows the water to turn on when the hose is pulled out by the user.
  • Many organizations are now removing Hose Reels for various reasons. Firstly, Hose Reds when used can become an obstacle to personnel creating a trip hazard for people who may be evacuating the building, secondly the hoses may restrict the closing of fire doors if they are running through the door-way, thirdly it has been suggested that if the operator of the reel has an unlimited supply of water they may continue to fight a fire which could be gaining in size which in turn could block the users escape route. Another problem with hose reels is the possible risk of legionella in the stagnant water within the Hose Reel.
  • In general, the installation of hose reels should only be carried out after careful considerations and a Fire Risk Assessment
  • If you have Hose Reels which require maintenance or de-commissioning, or simply just advice please call or email.