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Fire pumps are powered by an electric motor or diesel engine. If the local building code requires power independent of the local electric power grid, a pump using an electric motor may utilize what's called a transfer switch that directs power over to an emergency generator in the event of a power failure.

The fire pump starts when the pressure in the fire sprinkler system drops below a threshold. The sprinkler system pressure drops significantly when one or more fire sprinklers are activated or alter-natively when other firefighting connections are opened, causing a pressure drop.

Types of pumps used for fire service include

horizontal split case, vertical split case, vertical inline, vertical turbine, and end suction.

A jockey pump is a small pump connected to a fire sprinkler system in parallel with the fire pump. It maintains pressure in a fire protection piping system to an artificially high level so that the operation of a single fire sprinkler will cause an appreciable pressure drop which will be easily sensed by the fire pump automatic controller, causing the fire pump to start. The jockey pump is essentially a portion of the fire pump's control system.

Fire pump installations and retrofits are governed by the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) NFPA 20 Standard for the Installation of Stationary Fire Pumps for Fire Protection.


Each year, we perform lot of inspections on a wide variety of systems. Whether you require monthly inspections, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, our experienced staff can handle all of your needs. Our engineers use hand-held tablets/smart phone, ensuring that our inspection forms are legible and can easily be emailed directly to the customer or authority having jurisdiction. We have 24-hour emergency service, 365 days per year. NFPA 25 (Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Are Protection Systems)

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