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FM 200 Fire Suppression System

Sales | Installation | Inspection | Testing & Service

Unico Trading & Services provides complete FM-200 system services, including sales, installation, inspection, re-fill, testing, and more. We can provide the inspection and maintenance schedule to keep your system in compliance, as well as keep accurate inspection and maintenance records that are required by code. We provide immediate response to fire suppression system discharges, whether accidental or from a fire, to get your system back into service as quickly as possible.

Some of our FM-200 services include:

  • Testing and cleaning all detectors
  • Verifying shutdown and evacuation circuits
  • Verifying cylinder pressures and weights
  • Checking for changes in hazard integrity
  • Checking input and output circuit supervision
  • Simulating System discharge and testing releasing circuits
  • Visually inspecting agent piping and nozzles
  • Checking hydro test dates for cylinders and discharge hoses

Unico Trading & Services' professionals are ready to support your organization's fire protection systems and service requests 24-hours a day